Oil & Gas

Do you need help with an oil & gas lease, right of way, or selling your mineral rights services?

Our firm was founded in 2008 with the intention to provide quality legal services to the oil and gas owner. Over a decade later, we are proud to still be representing landowners through the Marcellus and Utica Shale.


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Our Practice Areas


While entering into an oil & gas lease is becoming a common occurrence for landowners throughout the region, some landowners have found themselves in the unfortunate situation of requiring litigation to settle a legal dispute arising out of their lease or oil & gas ownership. Our office has assisted landowners in a variety of oil & gas related litigation matters. While prudently seeking compromise when possible, we have fought and won on behalf of landowners against the largest gas companies when litigation remained the only option.


One of the biggest mistakes made by landowners is to underestimate the legal significance of an oil & gas lease. Our office has assisted in negotiating thousands of leases in more than 40 counties across the Appalachian Basin. We have assisted a diverse client base from organic farms, to industrial properties, to small acreage residential HOAs. Please consider utilizing our experience as a resource if you have any interest in entering into an oil & gas lease.


Helping landowners secure favorable oil & gas leases and assisting with related legal needs has been the focus of our practice over the past decade. At times, divesting oil & gas rights is the right decision for some of our clients. If selling your oil and gas rights is something you wish to explore, our office can help you navigate the sale process.

Right-of-ways and other land use contracts

As important as an oil & gas lease can be to a landowner and their enjoyment of their property, a Right of Way or similar land use Agreement can generate a multitude of complicated issues.  While often a lucrative opportunity when handled correctly, a Right of Way can create unforeseen burdens that will perpetually run with the land, and therefore must be drafted cautiously and carefully. We have assisted many clients navigate this process and have helped secure mutually satisfactory land use agreements.

Royalty Review

The ultimate status for an owner of oil & gas rights is to become a royalty revenue recipient. Working in tandem with the exploration and production company has allowed many of our clients to realize significant royalty incomes. At times, however, accounting errors occur, which we have assisting in rectifying. We have assisted some of our clients in valuing and monetizing their royalty income streams. A royalty division order or monthly revenue paystub can be confusing. Allow our experienced team to assist you in ensuring that your royalty payments are being paid accurately.

Title Review

Oil & gas title issues are among the most complicated and developing legal issues in Pennsylvania. Case law on a variety of title matters seems to be developing constantly as numerous novel legal issues work their ways through the Courts. Unlike standard “title insurance” that many landowners are familiar with, title to oil & gas can be very nuanced. Our office enjoys examining and curing the most difficult title cases for our clients.