Do you need help with bankruptcy?

Our goal is to help create a fresh start for yourself. Our attorneys will guide you every step along the way, starting with a free consultation.  Whether your debt dilemma is the result of an illness, unemployment, or simply overspending, it can seem overwhelming.  Morascyzk & Polochak has been practicing Chapter 7 bankruptcy for over a decade.

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Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

The primary relief under this chapter is the elimination of the most common unsecured debts (credit cards, medical bills, unsecured loans and certain tax liabilities).  Most consumer filers that are eligible for relief under this chapter can keep their homes and cars. This chapter primarily helps people that can afford their mortgage/rent, car payments, utilities, but have no extra money left over to pay for credit cards, medical bills or other unsecured debts.

People that succeed in getting a “discharge”, (the technical term for a court order that states that debts are no longer owed and cannot be collected), do not have to pay back any of their unsecured debts, and usually have the option to repay “secured debts”, (like mortgages, car loans, etc.), if they wish to retain the property secured by the loan. Once a Bankruptcy Attorney is retained, creditor harassment must stop and most times the person filing only has to attend court one time.

Married couples can file individually (meaning that one spouse files and the other does not) or jointly (meaning that both Husband and Wife file together). A typical Chapter 7 case lasts 3-4 months from filing through discharge.